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The easy to use RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]sTM Activator Gel produces the desired colour resulting combination with RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s Base Gels. The Activator Gel contains Silver Nitrate that tints brows and lashes from deep within. The Activator Gel lets the hair appear to be very dark, however, this is not the final tinting result

• Lasts for up to 6 weeks

• Dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested

• Not tested on animals

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• Attach RefectoCil Silicone Pads or RefectoCil EyeCare Pads with RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream & Eye Mask

•FOR BROWS ONLY! Optionally apply RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]sTM Intensifying Primer(Strong or Medium)to the brow area and skin–leave on for 4 minutes and remove with dry Q-tip DRYING TIME before next step: 4 minutes


•Step 1: Apply Intense Brow[n]sTM Base Gel–leave on for 2minutesand remove with dry Q-tip DRYING TIME before next step: 4 minutes


•Step 2: Apply Intense Brow[n]sTM Activator Gel–leave on for 1 minute and remove with moist cotton ball-done!


•Please only use with RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]sTM tints! 

•Don’t mix Intensifying Primer, Base Gel and Activator Gel. They gels are applied in sequence.

•Before application, make sure that the Base gel has been removed thoroughly. Residues could affect the tinting process negatively.

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