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New Name – New Style: RefectoCil Eyelash Curl comes in a cool, water-repellent bag that offers additional space. The glue has also been optimized, its new glass package guarantees maximum product quality and shelf-life. The design may have changed, but the effect has not: Amazingly expressive eyes, glamorous look – RefectoCil Eyelash curl opens the eyes and lets them appear bigger due to the upward swing. Therefore the look becomes warmer, more pleasant and approachable in every situation. The application is incredibly easy and the effect long lasting, up to six weeks. Thanks to the ingredients collagen and cysteine the eyelashes are nurtured while being curled. The gentle formula makes the application even for fine lashes possible.


- 2 x tubes lashperm 3,5 ml
- 2 x tubes neutralizer 3,5 ml
- 1 x bottle glue 4 ml
- 1 x rosewood stick
- 2 x mini-cosmetic dishes
- 2 x cosmetic brushes
- 18 eyelash rollers per size S, M, L, XL



  1. Remove contact lenses. Clean the eye area, remove any oils from eyelashes and eyelids. Pat dry. Briefly brush the lashes through to separate them.

  2. Select the roller size depending on length and desired curl.

  3. Attach roller: bend the self-adhesive roller until it forms a shape which corresponds with the

  4. curvature of the eyelid.

  5. Fix lashes on eyelash rollers

  6. Apply lashperm

  7. Apply neutralizer

  8. Remove eyelash rollers, dry eye area.

  9. Detailed information: see package insert

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