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Infection Control Education

Take your understanding of infection control to the next level with CBON's Fundamental Infection Control Program and Sector Modules. Having a thorough understanding of infection control will elevate your services and allow you to offer a high level of safety to your clients and coworkers. The Infection Control Education website is designed specifically for the beauty industry by CBON - Cosmetic Brands of North America. CBON is Canada's largest supplier of infection control products and education for the professional beauty industry. We have been offering infection control solutions for over 10 years!


Historically, all sectors of the professional beauty industry have not practised infection control with the same amount of credence. For example, some beauty sectors did not give any thought to infection control before Covid-19 hit. This was largely because they did not consider their particular services to be high risk or risk associated. On the other hand, some beauty sectors are much more in tune with infection control practices, even prior to Covid-19.


For the beauty industry, Covid-19 has been an eye opener, and it has confirmed that in some sectors there was a clear lack of infection control understanding. The great thing here is that the beauty industry understands this and is ready to act on it and get on top of the game. We now know that, even though it is essential, wearing masks and washing hands is clearly not enough. Our professionals need to enhance their ways of work--to follow infection control best practises, and to learn all the proper methods of decontamination. This is what education from CBON is about.


​​​Infection Control Education



Our Fundamental Infection Control Program and Industry Sector Modules are offered to you at no charge. Because they can be completed online, you can take them from the comfort of your home. An 80% passing grade is required to attain certification for the Fundamental Program and a 75% passing grade is required for the Industry Sector Modules. Once you have completed a module, a certificate of completion can then be downloaded and printed, showing everyone that you take infection control seriously and that you care about your business, and your customers.


These courses are designed specifically for those working in the Beauty industry, such as Hairdressers, Estheticians, Makeup Artists, Barbers, Nail Technicians, etc.​​

Bringing Infection Prevention to your City

Check out this timelapse of our CBON Infection Control RV.  Our RV has now hit the road. Visit our Instagram page @cboninfectioncontrol to see when the RV will be visiting a city near you!


PREempt Salon & Spa Disinfectants are Canada's leader in Infection Control for the Beauty Industry. PREempt is the only line of disinfectants powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide for professional beauty establishments.

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