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RefectoCil Eyelash Lift lifts lashes and creates an intense, wide-eyed look. The lift makes your natural lashes look significantly longer and thicker. Unlike RefectoCil Eyelash Curl, where the lashes are given a U-shaped curl, Eyelash Lift lifts the lashes up. The unique formula containing collagen & cysteine works in JUST 13 minutes. The especially developed lifting pads, made in Germany, fit along the curvature of the lid perfectly, are available in 3 sizes, and can be used up to 100 times. You can colour your lashes immediately after the lifting treatment.


- 2 x Lifting Pads S, M, L
- 2 x tubes lashperm 3,5 ml NEW appl. time 8 min! 
- 2 x tubes neutralizer 3,5 ml NEW appl. time 5 min! 
- 1 x bottle glue 4 ml NEW formula!
- 1 x rosewood stick
- 2 x mini-cosmetic dishes
- 2 x cosmetic brushes



  1. Remove contact lenses. Clean the eye area with Micellar eye make-up remover and Saline solution.

  2. Select the lifting pad size depending on length and desired effect.

  3. Apply glue to the back of the lifting pads - allow it to dry. Attach the pad to the eyelid.

  4. Apply glue on lifting pad and fix lahes.

  5. Apply lashperm – 8 min.

  6. Apply neutralizer – 5 min.

  7. Tint lashes while they still are on the pad – 2 min.

  8. Remove colour and pads with wet cotton.

  9. Detailed information: see package insert

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