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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does an oxidative tint differ from the Intense Brow[n]s?
    Oxidative colors tint the hair. The effect lasts up to 6 weeks. Intense Brow[n]s tints hair and skin! There is an intense make-up effect on the skin, which lasts between 5-8 days depending on skin type (dry vs oily). The coloring of the hairs lasts up to 4-6 weeks. This also depends on how aftercare is maintained at home.
  • How does the chemical process of oxidative colors differ from Intense Brow[n]s?
    Intense Brow[n]s™ is based on silver nitrate*. The gels are not mixed. The gels are applied sequentially. In between, the hair/skin is dried and then comes the next gel. Silver nitrate only opens the hair structure minimally, the pigments are not stored in the hair, but adhere all around. Oxidative tints are mixed with hydrogen peroxide. The color paste is mixed with RefectoCil Oxidant 3% in a certain ratio (1:1). The hydrogen peroxide opens the hair structure, and the color pigments are stored in the hair. The coloring of the hair lasts between 4- 6 weeks. This also depends on how aftercare is maintained at home.
  • Are Intense Brow[n]s suitable for every customer?
    No. We now have 2 different tinting systems in our portfolio. With the right consultation the stylist finds out what is best for each customer. Check out our website for more information on the two systems at
  • Who benefits from Intense Brow[n]s?
    People that want a more intense emphasis of the eye- brows. Also, clients that wear brow make-up on a regular basis will benefit from this service. It is also perfect for blondes who like the Contrast Brow effect and to correct, replenish or optimize eyebrows. It will also be beneficial for clients that have patchiness or miss a significant amount of brow hair.
  • Does the color become more intense with a longer exposure time?
    No. The Activator Gel is ready after 60 seconds. By leaving it on for a longer period, the result does not become darker.
  • What happens if the products are left on the skin & hair longer than indicated?
    The result remains the same. Prolonged exposure cannot achieve a more intense result.
  • Is it possible to laminate/lift the eyebrows before tinting with Intense Brow[n]s?
    Yes, it is. Please clean the brows thoroughly, there must be no residues of Perm/Neutralizer on the hair or skin.
  • Can you bleach first with Blonde Brow and then dye with Intense Brow[n]s?
    No, this is not recommended as the results will not be effective.
  • Can the Intense Brow[n]s Base Gels be mixed?
    Only the Base Gels can be mixed to create even more shades. Attention: The Activator Gel is still only applied in the 2nd step and is not mixed with the Base Gels.
  • How often can the service be repeated?
    RefectoCil tinting is gentle and can therefore be repeated at any time. Ideally, as soon as the effect has worn off.
  • Why is it recommended to exfoliate the skin in advance?
    So that the skin is smooth and even. Otherwise, the pigments can collect on dry skin areas and the result can become patchy.
  • Why are the drying times between steps so important?
    The hair and skin must be completely dry so that the active ingredients can penetrate and be absorbed well. To shorten the waiting time, we recommend using a lash & brow fan.
  • The result is too dark or unclean, what can I do?
    Apply some Tint Remover on a cotton swab to lighten the brow, smoothen the brow, correct the shape or the effect.
  • The result is unevenly stained, what can I do?
    1. Dry well between steps. After a brow lamination, clean the skin and brow hairs properly and dry the brow hairs before applying the Intense Brow[n]s. 2. Be careful that no oily products touch the brows. 3. Exfoliate in advance and cleanse well: the skin should be smooth, oil-free and dry. 4. You can repeat or correct the process: just use Base Gel (2min) and Activator (1 min) again 5. Always take fresh Activator gel from the cosmetic dish. Make sure to clean wipe off your brush the activator that has oxidized before going in for more.
  • What should be observed after the treatment?
    Within 24hrs, no water, no makeup, no oils, no saunas, no hot tubs and avoid exfoliating the brow area.
  • Do the brows & lashes need special care after the treatment?
    After the treatment, the RefectoCil Styling Gel provides the perfect care and nourishes the hair.
  • Why should the eyebrows not be tinted after using self-tanning agents?
    We do not recommend this, as a yellowish discoloration of the skin may result.
  • What is the difference between Henna & Intense Brow[n]s?
    Henna are pure plant extracts that are mixed with water and then remain on the skin for up to 25 minutes. The pure plant extracts can cause allergic reactions, especially in people who have allergies to grass.
  • Can I use Intense Brow[n]s if the client has had an allergic reaction to oxidative tints?
    Yes, because Intense Brow[n]s consists of different ingredients that can be good for sensitive clientele. Nevertheless, we still recommend an allergy patch test 24hrs prior to the service application.
  • How safe is the treatment?
    The treatment is safe! All products are developed under the strictest guidelines especially for the eye area and are very well tolerated. If color gets into the client ‘s eye, the eye must be cleaned with an eye wash.
  • Can the Intense Brow[n]s products be used on pregnant women?
    Generally, we do not see any problems using tints while being pregnant. But please note that we did not conduct any special studies with pregnant women, and you must check with your physician.
  • Are RefectoCil Intense Brow[n]s products vegan?
    Yes, the products are vegan, i.e., they do not contain any raw materials of animal origin.
  • Are RefectoCil products tested on animals?
    No. All our products are developed and tested without animal testing in accordance with the regulations of the EU cosmetics directive.
  • Where are RefectoCil products manufactured and developed?
    The products are manufactured in Austria. For more information on the Intense Brow[n]s system, please visit our website: For any technical questions or educational support, please email
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