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Tiffany E

Confidence. That is what using RefectoCil tints on my clients give them. Even more when I'm able to custom match their brow colour. Thank you to Chrissie and the team for all the fabulous webinars filled with tips and tricks.


kristen M.

RefectoCil is my go to brand for lash and brow styling! Chrissie is a great trainer and has helped me so much! Definitely recommend!


Adreanna P.

Did a brow lamination course and absolutely loved it, was so helpful! Chrissie was just wonderful, super excited for the lockdown to end so I can start practicing!


Victoria F.

Great class, great refresher and information.  Thanks!  I'm so excited to bring these tips and tricks into my own practice and to my students.  Well done!"


Ravneet B.

GREAT CLASS!! I really liked the way of the teaching and tutorial videos.  I would highly recommend everyone to attend the next session.


Leah S.

I attended the live webinar and would like to say thank you for all the information and the live demo results was outstanding.


Heather L.

It is a great company that believes in good lash and brow services and products.  I attended Lash Styling by RefectoCil Lift and curl today. 



The training on Brow Lamination was sooooo good.  Because of your training I am excited & confident introducing this service to clients.  Thank you for taking the time to educate. 


Lynda L.

Just finished watching the webinar with Chrissie, it was fabulous!  I have been pondering taking a RefectoCil course for a while.  This has helped me finalize my decision!

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